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On AI Replacing Programmers

3 minute read

Once enough gray-haired people in Washington DC had installed ChatGPT on their phone, they became collectively conscious that this generative AI thing isn’t ...

On winning

1 minute read

This morning, I noticed that my daughter was crying in her room. She informed me that she had crushed her pinky finger in a drawer and it hurt badly.

From 20 To 100 Million Developers

11 minute read

Yesterday, I spent time at the home of a successful banker in Singapore who taught himself how to code in his 50s. He was joined by his top data scientist an...

On Integrity

6 minute read

I am currently writing a recommendation for an applicant to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I’ve filled a number of those over the years for severa...

On Selling

7 minute read

I find it surprising when people seek my guidance on how to sell because selling isn’t what I consider part of my identity. I see myself as an individual con...

Quality Over Quantity at Conferences

less than 1 minute read

Over 70,000 people are headed to Dubai for COP28. That’s overwhelming. Here’s the advice I’ve given my team at, which has served me well in the past a... Journey

5 minute read

Five years ago, I left McKinsey as a first-year associate partner to launch Last year, we expanded to 500 members, generated $14 million in revenue a...

The art of embracing speed

less than 1 minute read

I often share the same guidance with teams at both and, so I thought it would be valuable to discuss it here as well.