Quality Over Quantity at Conferences

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Over 70,000 people are headed to Dubai for COP28. That’s overwhelming. Here’s the advice I’ve given my team at bld.ai, which has served me well in the past and may help you too.

Large conferences can be chaotic and draining. The fear of missing out is real.

I recommend steering clear of the main stage(s), unless there’s a superstar speaker you’re eager to meet. Instead, prioritize scheduling in-depth, one-on-one interactions with a few individuals you’re looking to build lasting connections with.

As a rule of thumb, aim to add one to three (at most) new connections per day to your circle of 150 (see Dunbar).

Disclaimer: this was not written by artificial intelligence (e.g., an LLM). I did use it, however, to check my syntax and small errors to improve readability. I prefer to avoid it as much as possible to stay more authentic and credible.